Japan 1 Day 1 City: Sendai

Reached Sendai station around 11 A.M. and welcomed by my Aunt who also made a visit for her daughter for a month. I was staying in my cousin’s place, who currently are taking her degree, as well as her husband. So after a quick refreshment, I started my journey in Sendai.

Sendai eki 3.jpgSendai Eki 1.jpg

Sendai eki 2.jpg

Nice start to see this kind of Station area

neighborhood 1.jpg

Greeted by this neighborhood

The first stop was Osaki Hachimangu Shrine that not far from my cousin’s place, about 10-15 minutes by foot. It’s one of Date Masamune’s work. Date Masamune was Sendai’s city founder hundred years ago, and his footsteps could be found easily by taking the city tour bus, The Loople Sendai.



Osaki Hachimangu Shrine

The weather was quite warm in the afternoon, whereas days before it was always cloudy and sometimes drizzling, said my Aunt. So it was a very nice day to walk around the city. I took the Loople Sendai bus to continue my trip in Sendai. Because it was already 1.30 P.M., I need to decide quickly what should I visit next, because the bus stop operating around 4.

Loople 1.jpg

Loople bus that took me to next destination

Loople 2.jpg

Please push the button~

The bus stopped at some interesting place, since it’s covering tourist sightseeing around Sendai’s downtown. If you have more time to visit Sendai, and want to do one day trip using Loople Sendai, it would be worth the trip. You can visit Zuihoden Mausoleum, which is final resting place of Date Masamune. Or Bansuisodo, the last residence of an English literature scholar and poet. Or there were bunch of museum that you could visit. But since I didn’t have enough time to visit every stop, my next destination was ruins that used to be location of Aoba Castle (Sendai Castle).

Aoba Castle 1.jpgAoba Castle 2.jpgAoba Castle 3.jpgAoba Castle 4.jpg

Aoba Castle 5.jpg

Park, ruins, statue of Aoba Castle

It was located in hill area, so it is expected that there will be a view of Sendai city from height. As it was castle built by Data Masamune, there was a commemoration statue of the late. Although it still using name ‘castle’, but you barely could see any solid building except the stone walls and guard tower. It was because of fire and bombing in the past. There were also museum and shrine around the area that held historical information about the site.


Loople 3.jpg

Different design of Loople Sendai

I continued my trip by coming down to city center using the Loople Sendai bus once again. At the time, the weather became chillier when the sun started to set. My last stop with the bus would be Sendai Mediatheque, a library that has unique full of glasses architectural design. It was one place that I was so sure I would like to visit in Sendai, yet I didn’t check that the building closed every last Thursday on each month, which was exactly that day. So what I did was only took a glimpse of the building from the outside, walking through Jozenji-dori Avenue, and looking for an early dinner. I already searched about one or two restaurant for dinner, and decided to had tempura set in Tendon Tenya.

Mediatheque 2.jpg


Always take notes that Mediatheque closed every last Thursday each month



The chilly weather didn’t stop me to walk through Jozenji-dori

Maybe because I didn’t had proper rest in flight, I was exhausted even though it was still 6 P.M. So after the dinner, I walked to Sendai Station to get JR train. Had a nice encounter with a full moon and night stroll in elevated walkway there, and had a taste of full packed train after office hours to complete my first day’s journey.

Moon 1

Moon 2.jpg

Full moon was making its way at night

Night stroll 1.jpg

Night strolling around Sendai-eki


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