Japan One Day One City: Higashihiroshima

After a long journey from departing really early from Osaka, exploring Miyajima Island to the city center of Hiroshima, finally I had a slow start for that day. There was no train to catch early in the morning, and the plan was just to exploring the neighborhood and Hiroshima University.

neighborhood 5


I think my trip in this city became one of highlight I had from this Japan trip. Because I got to ride a bike an enjoying the Autumn scenery around the campus. Yes, thanks to Maya’s friend, I could borrow her bike and had a delightful bike trip around the neighborhood. The weather was perfect, it wasn’t too cold and not too warm. Also, the neighborhood itself was way more quiet than other city I visited. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it is a university area. The sky was also shining brightly with blue sky, although at some part, it became cloudy. bike 1

neigborhood 4city 2

city 1





We started our day with visiting some place Maya needed to visit, such as bank and a big Daiso. Did I already tell how much I love those 100 yen store that sold almost everything? I already love Korea Daiso, it was my life savior. I could imagine if I had a chance to live in Japan, Daiso and any other 100 yen store would be the place I visited the most. LOL.

city 3



Daiso, bank, whatever you need

Anyway, after that, we had lunch: Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki! Yeaaay! Although I had not tried any proper okonomiyaki in other city, I was told that Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki has slight difference with the regular one. It layered every ingredients, instead mixed it all. We ordered seafood okonomiyaki, and to be honest, the portion for one is quite big. I couldn’t finish it all so I took the rest, who knows I could it at train.


interior okonomiyaki

The okonomiyaki restaurant

After filling my hunger, we went to Hiroshima University. Yeay! It finally felt like autumn because the trees already went red-ish and orange-ish. It was so pretty that I have to stop several times just to took pictures. Maya even called her friend and made him as our photographer lol. I had the time of day, just sitting down with fallen leaves, great weather, took pictures, everything was so pretty and just perfect. It reminds me how I love autumn, and took autumn vibes pictures a lot back then.



I just simply fell for the colors: 50 shades of autumn

There was another mission I would love to accomplished while in Japan. It’s….. try to eat natto! Hahhahaa. But I’m not pretty sure if I would be able to finish the one that sold in convenience store. Thankfully, in Maya’s department’s cafetaria, there was a tiny portion of natto sold there. So, yeah, I made it. I had my first natto experience. It wasn’t as bad as I imagine, because everyone else’s said that it tasted weird. But well, it’s still eatable. However, I don’t think I would able to eat in bigger portion, though.



I made it! Natto~


Unfortunately, I have to go back to Osaka before night. So after quick nice talk with Maya’s friends (All Indonesian! Gosh, suddenly I miss being student abroad), I bid goodbye to them and took a bus to nearest JR station, and waiting for my shinkansen bound to Osaka. And yay for another sunset view from train! ❤️




In between Osaka bound



It’s not perfect without group pictures or my experimental pictures right?


group photo

The closest I got for group pics lol. Me sat down taking my friends’ picture.


my babies

I love you my babies



Japan 1 Day 1 City: Hiroshima

I am really bad at following the schedule and constant rhythms to post my blog. This post has been on my draft for weeks, yet I couldn’t finish it fast. Not to mention that I lost 95% my writing in this post so that I have to start from the beginning. Well, anyway, enough with the rant.

My next stop was Hiroshima. Went there right after my adventure in Miyajima Island finished. I took the same train from Miyajimaguchi Station to city center. Well, basically myhalf day being in center of Hiroshima was filled with bitter story about being fangirl. And I think I’d rather to write it in a different story.

I attempted to visit concert venue, named Ueno Gakuen Hall. Actually Maya never been to that area before, so it was almost new route for both of us. Using JR train, we stopped at Shin-Hakushima Station. However, we took wrong way, so instead walking to Ueno Gakuen Hall, we went to the other way. LOL. Until halfway I checked my google maps, and realized we should have go to other side of the station.

Not your usual train tunnel

shin hakushima 2

A fun walk before realizing that we should go to other way


THE Ueno Gakuen Hall, and Taemin was somewhere inside at that time

After I finished my mission on Ueno Gakuen Hall (lol), I continued my journey to the city center. Actually my initial plan was to visit Hiroshima Castle, the Atomic Bomb Dome, and Hiroshima Memorial Park. But because I was behind the schedule, and arrived there almost at sunset time, I skipped the castle and directly went to the park.

city center 1

A part of the city center

tram 1

One train bus is approaching


Atomic Bomb Dome

As a sunset enthusiast, the view at that time was enough to fulfill the urge just sit down at the park, enjoying the chilly weather, and enjoy the surrounding. It was really nice because the park also has a lot of place where we can sit down and relax. We sat nearby the dome, took some pictures, and just enjoyed the sunset. The dome itself was one of the memorial that preserved as symbol of peace. As you may know, Hiroshima went through a big and disastrous atomic bomb in 1945, and killed thousand of people and destroyed the whole city. The dome was the only building that left standing nearby the bomb center. After a lot of controversies, the dome was being preserved and designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park was built around the dome years later, and as what I felt that day, it gave nothing but peaceful feeling, living its name as Peace Memorial Park.

park 1

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

sunset 2

A good sunset is a good mood maker

sunset 3

Sunset chaser


Couldn’t stop to be mesmerized by the view


Our memories captured on instax pictures

Me and Maya went to 100 yen store before we heading to dinner. I warned you people, a 100 yen store is really really really dangerous place, especially for your budget. Lol. But anyway, after we got everything that we need from the store, we were moving to our dinner place. So I already begged Maya before if we could have sushi as our dinner, I would love to try that 100 yen (yes, another 100 yen) sushi place. So after do some googling, we took train bus no 6, and went to Sushiro Hiroshima Funairi. The important thing that we forgot was it was Sunday, and the place was packed with families who want to have dinner outside and there was extra long waiting list number. I mean, I was exhausted and hungry, and waiting for 1,5 hours for dinner (although there was seating and a lot gochapon machines), it was not an easy thing to do. So yeah, an hour and a half of waiting, and we finally got our seat. Well, really sorry that I didn’t even think to took any pictures of the food because I was tooooo hungry lol.


Gachapon machine to keep you away from boredom while waiting the queue

sushi bar 1

The conveyor belt of sushiiieesss

sushi 2

A self service payment machine

Big lesson from this was, food is really important to keep your energy up when you were traveling. Because after that good dinner, I regained my energy and felt happy again. Hahhaa. But since we need to catch the latest bus in Maya’s neighborhood, so after that, we directly went to Hiroshima Station. Again, using tram no 6 (there is another bittersweet story behind this no 6 for me, so yeah, later), to Hiroshima Station, and then took JR Train to Saijo station where Maya’s neighborhood is. And the night was getting really chilly, so arrived at Maya’s apato, which become that night’s sleepover place, was a perfect way to end my journey that day.

trem 2

Waiting to depart

tram 3

Inside the train bus aka trams

saijo st

Outside Saijo Station, while waiting the bus to reach Maya’s apato



Japan One Day One City: Miyajima

After Osaka, my next destination was Hiroshima and Miyajima. But I will write it on two different post. The reason I visited Hiroshima was to meet my friend who is currently pursuing her study in Hiroshima University. So after took another Shinkansen train from Osaka to Hiroshima, we met at the station, and directly continue our trip to Miyajima. It took about an hour by train, and you have choices in order to reach Miyajima. A local train, or using tram. And after you’ve arrived in Miyajimaguchi Station, you should continue with ferry boat to reach the island. JR Pass can also be used to pay your ferry ride, but it could have long queue if you visit at weekend or peak days. There is also another ferry rides that you can take if you have no problem on paying more and want to cut the waiting time, and it cost 180 yen one way.


All aboard~

Miyajima city 2


From Miyajimaguchi to ferry port

The first creatures I encounter right outside Miyajima Island Ferry Port was deer. There was a lot of deer around the port, and usually they are quite tame. The one that wandering around the center were already dehorned, so it is quite safe to interact with them. But if you go deeper on the island, you should be aware with the wilder deer, though. They still have their antler intact with them, and usually more aggressive, especially if you bring food. I got a shocking experience with one in Momijidani Park, when one of them come towards me when I was sitting to change my camera’s battery. It gored me my bag on my lap, and I got panicked and scream. But after I able to saved myself, I saw it once again, and he was just standing there, didn’t understand what happened either. I didn’t know whether he tried to attacked me for food that I didn’t have except a biscuit that has not been opened at all, or he was just trying to interact with me? Lol. But otherwise, it was a shocking experience ever.


Hi, Little Friend


This one was quite tame and loved to be my model lol

deer 3

Moving to explore the area, we have to pass through some shop streets. It has a classic Japanese shop vibes, mostly restaurant or craft shop. There were a lot of eye and mouth watering food all over the street. And we all know indeed that street food snack is always the best when traveling, right?


The traditional street where a lot of foods and crafts sold


The buildings facade


Loving the traditional vibes


Fish cake yam yamm

food 5

Oh, how I miss purple goguma

food 4

Anago-don my love


Who can survives from these food??

food 2

Just the foot though

food 3

Grilled abalone, yummy!

Me and Maya moved on to reach the 5 stories Pagoda and Senjokaku, a wooden hall located in a hill near the old town. It’s a big hall and I don’t know, the combination between blue sky and that rusty wood colors just gave me feels. Loved the atmosphere there. Not to mention that we also able to take a peek of Itsukushima Shrine from height. Decided not to enter the shrine because the line was quite long and I had a packed schedule that day. So naah, I passed. We prefer to hike more to Momijidani Park, who knows that we would met pretty orange and red-ish leaves. But well, instead we encounter that one “nice” deer. Lol.


Blue sky and the hall


Another part of Senjokaku


The entrance of Senjokaku Hall


Itsukushima Shrine



The queue was like this


Stroll stroll at Momijidani Park



The beach area where I took a rest to pray


Another open space towards the beach area

miyajima 5

Do we need more caption?

miyajima 4

House and house

miyajima 3

Yeap, just walking around is enough to made me calm


The view 💜


It doesn’t feel like Japan when you don’t encounter this view


Guess I couldn’t ignore that I have a thing with residential area


miyajima 2





One you can’t forget if you visit Miyajima, of course it’s Torii Gate that located in water. It was indeed amazing. People who enter Itsukushima Shrine could took a picture with perfect background of the Torii gates right in the middle. But even when I didn’t entered the shrine, along the beach area still a good place to get a picture



torii gate 1

Torii Gate from different angle

So that’s the recap of Miyajima Island. It is highly recommended for people to explore the island further instead only staying around the Gates or shrine. I mean, even that areas are already have a great ambience and beautiful scenery. But there are a lot more to explore the island. I think a half day trip wouldn’t be enough to conquer the whole island though. I would love to visit Miyajima in less crowded time, someday.

sama maya 1

A mandatory wefie from street mirror

Japan One Day One Trip: Osaka

Third city that I visited on my Japan trip was Osaka. Although I spent several nights based in Osaka, but I had day trip here and there, but manage to visit some places in that second biggest city in Japan.

It was started by two journey with Shinkansen train. One that connected my from Sendai to Tokyo, which is under Tohoku line. And the other one was Tokaido line that came from Tokyo to Osaka. I didn’t able to got my lunch box in Ekibenya Matsuri, because it was too cramped just to get outside the boarding area. In the end, I bought lunch box from small kiosk but the choice of food was not as much as Ekibenya.

There were some places I visited, although not completely exploring the city. I was kinda fall for Osaka ambience, except when I visited some touristy area at the weekend. Nope, not a good choice if you prefer to be at park where you can have peaceful walk.

1. Osaka Castle

The first destination I visited in Osaka was Osaka Castle. I put my luggage in coin locker available at train station, and then continue to stroll around the big park. Osaka Castle was indeed a very nice place to spent, especially in a good weather. It was bright blue sky, compatibly warmer than Sendai, and I had warm clothes that was not really match Osaka’s weather. But I had a lot of fun, from strolling walking around the park, meet some people who brings their animal, such as guinea pigs, dog, and eagle, took some nice pictures. there were a lot of tourists. I think there were also some sport event by the time I was there, because I saw some people running in sport attire with numbers. Oh, and you can actually enter the observatory room at the upper floor of the castle. But I chose to spent my time at the open space. The park was enormously big, so if you plan to explore the whole park, you probably need hours to be able enjoy the park.


大阪城公園駅, or in normal language, Osaka Castle Park Station


Surrounded by Skyscrappers


Bike line around Osakajokoen Station


If you don’t want to walk, you can always have a train ride


The perfect combination between trees, sky, and river


Autumn Ginko Trees


The magnificent Osaka Castle


Walk walk through the bridge

They are also enjoying the park

2. Shinsekai

My hostel calle Home Hostel was located in Shinsekai area. You can found a lot of restaurant there, and also visit one of iconic tower of Osaka, named Tsutenkaku Tower. There was also a big zoo nearby, so if you lucky enough, when you walking through the area you could actually hear elephant or tiger. It was packed on weekend, not only with tourist but also with local. But bearable on weekdays. There were also a lot of gashapon machine around the area, and it was quite interesting especially if you found gashapon with your favorite anime/game character, because 100% you would get something not like those claw machine games. The restaurant was varied from sushi, takoyaki, okonomiyaki, oden, or kushikatsu. Some opened even until morning.


Welcome to Shinsekai


Tsutenkaku Tower at night


Can you guess what kind of meal you can have from here?


Night night


Choose you fighter dinner

3. Dotounburi

I was told that Dotounburi is that place you have to visit in downtown Osaka, because of that gigantic Don Quijote and the iconic Glico’s running man sign, as well as many shops actually there. But well, back again, if you are planning to have a laid back walking, maybe you won’t be too happy with this area, because it was too crowded. Mostly tourist visited Dotounburi for food and shopping. But on the bright side, it also has riverside so I was able to avoid the crowded road. LOL.


Dotounburi riverside, a nice detour if you want to avoid the crown at main street


crab crab chop chop


The entrance


Saw this ads and my inner otaku alerted: KENSHIN HIMURA!

4. Namba

I walked from Dotounburi to Namba in order to reach the closest JR Station. Remember, the JR Pass can be used anywhere in any city, as long as you took JR operated transportation. There was not much I could write from this area, since I literally just pass through it. But at that moment, I saw people who still using bicycle even at night, and realized, bike is definitely a nice culture there in Japan. Other than that, I know that it is also considered as the commercial district in Osaka.


Wide pedestrian and bike line makes me fluttered


An alley around the district

5. Umeda – Osaka Station

Osaka station is located in Umeda district, and as it is one of main station in the city, it automatically become another famous and important district. It surrounded by several big shopping/commercial complex, had it’s own charming of city lights, elevated pedestrian way, busy people crossing the intersection, and many more. There was also a famous landmark of the city, HEP FIVE Ferris Wheel. Not the biggest one in the city, but it’s located right after one of the shopping complex.

ferris wheel 1

One red Hep Five ferris wheel

osaka jo 1

Waiting to cross the street

osaka night 1

Walking after work


But of course, there is always one little pretty shop you can find even at the busiest place

6. Nakanoshima Park and Tennoji Park

I usually spent my night time by exploring park, because I spent my day time in another city. There were two parks I visited: Nakanoshima Park and Tennoji Park. Both has their own charm, like Nakanoshima Park which act as a waterfront park between two rivers: Dojimagawa and Tosaborigawa rivers has this serenity vibe. Meanwhile Tennoji Park is more like active park, with sport area, cafe, hostel, and bus station.


The landmark building in the Nakanoshima park: Osaka City Central Public Hall

park night 2

People from work walking in Nakanoshima Park

park night

I spent quiet time staring at the river


Illumination trees in Tennoji Park


Tsutenkaku Tower also could easily visible from the park


Yes you saw it right, the legendary Captain Tsubasa has its stadium in Tennoji Park

osaka morning

Personally, I kinda regret that I didn’t spent more time in Osaka. I intentionally missed Universal Studio because well, I didn’t want to spend awkward solo moment in amusement park lol. But beside that, I think Osaka does have it’s own charm and probably a nice city to be explored a lot more. I am pretty sure it has more attractive hidden gem and beauty. Exploring off beat destination would also really fun. It probably not as busy as Tokyo, but still as metropolitan city in the country, there’s many reason why people came here, either for business, holiday, or even studying. Wish I would have another encounter with Osaka later in the future.


Woops, that’s me trying to get good pictures from my phone

Japan One Day One City : Iwate

My second day in Japan was started by a surprise occasion, an earthquake around. I know that earthquake in Japan happened almost every time, and people who lives there already get used to that. The same case happened with my cousin’s family. While I abruptly woke up in panic, because it was quite long, but my cousin and her daughter slept soundly like nothing happened. She said it happened too often that it didn’t bother her anymore, although turned out the center of earthquake was still in the same region and she got announcement through her phone about the earthquake.

The aftermath was I couldn’t continue my sleep until morning. Because of that, and because me and my cousin’s family had a plan to go early in the morning. Our trip from home took about 3 hours to reach the destination. So we off to go at 7 A.M. using bus, continue with JR train to Ichinoseki Station, and then rode JR Ofunato Line to Geibikei station. We had about 15 minutes stop at Ichinoseki Station, and there were Pikachu photo spot. I heard that on weekend, there are Pikachu themed train heading from this station to Aomori, which is also passed Geibikei Station.


train 1

The view along the way

train 3

Pika pika, pikachuuuuu~

train 4

Waiting for next train at Ichinoseki Station


Never thought I would met my first animation crush in train lol

After a long trip by train, we arrived at small station of Geibikei. It doesn’t looks like a typical station, because it’s really just like a small stop, there isn’t any entrance to tap your card. But the view around was just amazing. The leaves at that time already showed various color, from green, yellow, orange, to red. The area also has several cute little shop that sells craft, toys, and food. I ate sweet dango for snack, and the shop owner even gave me a warm ocha.


Even the signboard has Pikachu on it

Signage 1

There’s a lot to see around the area


I love the ambiance around Geibikei station


The view was worth the trip


Dango dango sweet dango

The main highlight for this trip was a boat ride. People could enjoy the valley’s breeze, riding boat while feeding the fish (there were some big fish too!), enjoy the boat master’s story and song if you understand Japanese, and of course, took many pictures around. It was a nice time to enjoy the nature there. And although I couldn’t understand anything he said, but the boat master was really nice and funny (by looking at his gesture or expression). The ride itself took about 1.5 hours, with a stop in between for 20 minutes, and we able to had short walk and enjoyed the scenery.


Our boat master-sama


The harbor sitation


Breathtaking and eye pleasing even from the start of the ride


There was one hidden red tree


Look up and this is what I saw


It was really nice to have a walk at this weather


The cliff and the cave

We had late lunch with Ayu fish, onigiri and tempura. The restaurant owner was nice enough to made us customized lunch, because of some food restrictions of ours. The name of fish has same name as mine, so that I quite excited to eat this fish. Although it was a simple lunch, but it was quite satisfying. Actually, for those who plan to visit Geibikei Gorge and want to have halal cuisine, there was a restaurant who serve halal food, but you got to reserved in advance. Too bad that we found out that right when we went to that restaurant.

restaurant 1

The restaurant where we ate


That’s the ayu fish

restaurant 3

Our customized lunch~

Besides halal food, Geibikei Gorge also support Muslim-friendly tourism by providing a small prayer room. Well, basically it’s in the same building with that restaurant who serves halal food, but I thought it would be inside the building. It is actually accessible for those who wants to pray, because it has different door than the main building.


The prayer room

geibikei 11

Waiting in sunset


And even from train, the sunset was pretty



There are some authentic cuisine if we talked about Sendai. One is beef tongue, another one is Zunda, which is made by edamame. Since I don’t eat red meat in general, beef tongue is of course out of option. So I thought at least I should try Zunda. My cousin said that there was a Zunda place in Sendai station that sells shakes and mochi. We decided to have Zunda shakes to taste it. It is delicious and had some nutty flavor.


Zunda Shake

Last destination I went was AER Building Observatory, one of the highest observatory in Sendai and located right beside Sendai Station. It was free admission fee, and the view was pretty.

night view 1

View of Sendai at night

nightview 2

Observatorium ambiance


Me and my cute Bahasa Indonesia-Japanese speaking nephew and niece


Japan 1 Day 1 City: Sendai

Reached Sendai station around 11 A.M. and welcomed by my Aunt who also made a visit for her daughter for a month. I was staying in my cousin’s place, who currently are taking her degree, as well as her husband. So after a quick refreshment, I started my journey in Sendai.

Sendai eki 3.jpgSendai Eki 1.jpg

Sendai eki 2.jpg

Nice start to see this kind of Station area

neighborhood 1.jpg

Greeted by this neighborhood

The first stop was Osaki Hachimangu Shrine that not far from my cousin’s place, about 10-15 minutes by foot. It’s one of Date Masamune’s work. Date Masamune was Sendai’s city founder hundred years ago, and his footsteps could be found easily by taking the city tour bus, The Loople Sendai.



Osaki Hachimangu Shrine

The weather was quite warm in the afternoon, whereas days before it was always cloudy and sometimes drizzling, said my Aunt. So it was a very nice day to walk around the city. I took the Loople Sendai bus to continue my trip in Sendai. Because it was already 1.30 P.M., I need to decide quickly what should I visit next, because the bus stop operating around 4.

Loople 1.jpg

Loople bus that took me to next destination

Loople 2.jpg

Please push the button~

The bus stopped at some interesting place, since it’s covering tourist sightseeing around Sendai’s downtown. If you have more time to visit Sendai, and want to do one day trip using Loople Sendai, it would be worth the trip. You can visit Zuihoden Mausoleum, which is final resting place of Date Masamune. Or Bansuisodo, the last residence of an English literature scholar and poet. Or there were bunch of museum that you could visit. But since I didn’t have enough time to visit every stop, my next destination was ruins that used to be location of Aoba Castle (Sendai Castle).

Aoba Castle 1.jpgAoba Castle 2.jpgAoba Castle 3.jpgAoba Castle 4.jpg

Aoba Castle 5.jpg

Park, ruins, statue of Aoba Castle

It was located in hill area, so it is expected that there will be a view of Sendai city from height. As it was castle built by Data Masamune, there was a commemoration statue of the late. Although it still using name ‘castle’, but you barely could see any solid building except the stone walls and guard tower. It was because of fire and bombing in the past. There were also museum and shrine around the area that held historical information about the site.


Loople 3.jpg

Different design of Loople Sendai

I continued my trip by coming down to city center using the Loople Sendai bus once again. At the time, the weather became chillier when the sun started to set. My last stop with the bus would be Sendai Mediatheque, a library that has unique full of glasses architectural design. It was one place that I was so sure I would like to visit in Sendai, yet I didn’t check that the building closed every last Thursday on each month, which was exactly that day. So what I did was only took a glimpse of the building from the outside, walking through Jozenji-dori Avenue, and looking for an early dinner. I already searched about one or two restaurant for dinner, and decided to had tempura set in Tendon Tenya.

Mediatheque 2.jpg


Always take notes that Mediatheque closed every last Thursday each month



The chilly weather didn’t stop me to walk through Jozenji-dori

Maybe because I didn’t had proper rest in flight, I was exhausted even though it was still 6 P.M. So after the dinner, I walked to Sendai Station to get JR train. Had a nice encounter with a full moon and night stroll in elevated walkway there, and had a taste of full packed train after office hours to complete my first day’s journey.

Moon 1

Moon 2.jpg

Full moon was making its way at night

Night stroll 1.jpg

Night strolling around Sendai-eki


Japan 1 Day 1 City: First Step

I’ve arrived at Tokyo right after 24 hours of journey from Bandung, to be exact at 5.30 A.M. To take notes first, I took train from Bandung early in the morning a day before and continued by bus from Gambir Station to Cengkareng, and it was best choice if you ever want to reach Soekarno Hatta Airport in this current hell traffic situation between. After that, the plane took off at 02.20 P.M., and made a 3.5 hours stop in Hong Kong. It was quite an exhausting trip since I couldn’t have a proper sleep during those flight. But, on the bright side, I saw a pretty sunset from above.

Sunset 1

I swear it was breathtaking, it just my camera didn’t do any justice

The first thing I did in Tokyo was to exchange my voucher in order to get the my JR Pass to be activated. If you have plan to travel quite a lot between cities in Japan, trust me, you better have your own JR Pass because it helped a lot. In total, I took about 6 trips by Shinkansen during this trip, which would cost a lot more if I didn’t have JR Pass. And you can always check where to buy JR Pass in any travel agent in your city that offer Japan trip. There are also several plan of JR Pass, so depends on your itinerary and budget, you have choices for the JR Pass plan. Anyway, the counter in Haneda Airport opened around 6.45 A.M., but when I’m arrived, there were already line in front of the counter, so even if you’ve arrived early in the morning, secure a place on the queue would be better. Because the sooner you got your JR Pass, the sooner your trip can start, right?

JR Pass 1

Ready to use my JR Pass

As I’ve already studied shinkansen’s schedule and timetable here, and made a brief plan which train and the schedule I should take to my first destination, Sendai, the exchange process was quite simple and fast. The staff explained about how the JR Pass works and also offer reservation for my trip on the first day the pass been activated. I had 7 days JR Pass plan, and the first day of the plan was the day I activated the Pass. But, the day you activated the Pass doesn’t have to be the first day of your itinerary using JR Pass. For example, even if you want to start using your JR Pass starts on your 3rd day in Japan, you can activate it the day you arrived in Japan in advanced. The counting of 7 days will still start on the first day you use your JR Pass.

Station 1

Always make sure you don’t get confused with your train

Shinkansen 1.jpg

Current fastest Shinkansen in Japan, Hayabusa

There were several trains bounding to Eastern Japan, including Sendai, such as Hayabusa, Yamabiko, Hayate, which is under Tohoku Shinkanse Line. The difference came after the duration, because of the speed and the stops the route made. The train that I took, which is Hayabusa, only have reserved seat so I made reservation right at the counter. The trip to Sendai itself took about 100 minutes from Tokyo Station. And what I needed that time was a proper breakfast to fill my grumbling stomach.


If you ever read about taking trip with train in Japan, then probably you would read about Ekiben, which is abbreviation from Eki (station) and Bento (lunchbox). One of my main goal in this trip was to try some Ekiben because it looks amazing. There was one big Ekiben store in Tokyo Station, named Ekibenya Matsuri, and there were a lot of packs of Ekiben varieties.


How can one resist this beautiful display of Ekiben?



sushi 2

It’s still a sushi inside


I took what I feel the safest one for me: Sushi wrapped in Persimmon Leaves, or what I found later has name Kakinoha Zushi. There were like 4 different fish, but I don’t know what kind of fish used in those sushi, some are unfamiliar in my taste plate. Still, I was able to finish them all and had a very quick nap before touch down Sendai.